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Today we recommend a medium of communication in its rawest emotion to shout from the rooftops. Here we are using a communication tool increasingly rare. A direct contact with individuals to get our message across: A message to citizens. Between us, it is the most truthful experience that was given to us to live.

Since freedom is the greatest power, we chose to act because action is the engine of change. The action creates movement which in turn leads to individuals who produce change. This is a huge human chain that is dedicated to the success and growth of our dreams and passions.

For us, Rock is the best way to express ourselves. It takes its true roots through our values. Rock is our instrument of creation. It is both the message and the language of our music. It has helped us to break our chains and liberate us. May it be so for everyone!!!

Angle of Attack is now taking the necessary steps to sing loud and clear that the hope of a better and fairer life is possible for all. Do not submit and dare to be different. We are demonstrating it today.

Join us! Creativity has no boundaries and freedom has no limits. Share our social beliefs and integrate them for a fair and creative collective change. Act in the name of freedom, in the name of creation and justice. We are Angle of Attack and we have something to say: "LIVE YOUR WAY".

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Angle of Attack Music band
From Montreal, Qc, Canada 


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Phone: 514-554-7255 


For all requests, please send an email or complete contact form. We would be very happy to receive your feedback, suggestions and to hear from you!